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Performance Work

The nature of my work is collaborative and interdisciplinary. I attempt to balance and tip the balance between sensory, auditory and visual fields in order to amplify a story, a state, a question, theme, or image. This process hopefully poses questions, fills the space with essential states and banks these together in such a way that a mandala or landscape is created whereby anyone may enter. As a teacher I aim to develop a full interdisciplinary performer. I nurture a creative process where the important questions are asked both for the artist and for the work. It is important to me that all research and mixing of disciplines be grounded in the underlying search for truth followed by a commitment to personal and social transformation. This renders love of life and the desire for harmony and health on the planet. This is not defined by rule or dogma, but sought after, found and nurtured as a wild garden.

The works that I create intend to look at the nature of reality, intensify or magnify frames of consciousness allowing content to be viewed from a shifted perspective. I draw from vision, people’s personal stories, the news, photographs, historical research and varied musical sources. The venue is determined by the scope of the project and the abilities and desires of the people I work with.

Selected Performances


Eye Of Leo Solo Series 

This project explores archetypes of the Soul; specifically the four major patterns: The Child, The Victim, The Prostitute and the Saboteur; and the concepts of individuation and integration, between them. The project is grounded in the theory that we traverse a series of experiences and create characters, personas, tendencies that we repeat and recreate without being conscious. What if one of us wakes up and sees the game board and all players? Would that awakening bring the individual home and all of the parts into one? Would the lessons, skills, experiences be learned, integrated and the density released? I have conceived of this piece as a playground with many people playing different roles and creating scenarios that anyone could relate to and imagine from a neutral or non-­‐judgmental view as an audience.  [MORE…]


Tribes/the unified field – 09 Granada Artist Residency.
Created with a group students at UCDavis in an intensive 6 week training process. Interdisciplinary performance mixing music, language, movement with a few pointed questions toward education. Is opinion fact? What would you change in the world if you could. Sound Design: Christian Savage. Scenic Design Josh Steadman. Lighting Design: Jacob W. Nelson. [MORE…]
Tribes/Potsdammer Int’l Festival’ – 09 Performance workshop for Potsdammer Festival, Potsdam, Schinkellhalle Theater
A journey into the past and future fluctuating between verbal and non-verbal language. A long, long, dance. Performers: Maria F. Scaroni, Hana Erdman, Stephanie Maher, Friederike Plafki, Radeck Klimeckl, Adrian, Michael Chylinski. Marysia Stoklosa. Sound Design: Ansger Tappert. (These concepts and ideas will become a piece Tribes/zeropoint scheduled to premiere at SFIAF in May 2011) [MORE…]
Redgoldsky – The world according to Sara – spoken word- 08 3 scripts edited and spliced. 1. Looking down upon our little planet and what’s up and who’s missing 2. The news –slices of bizarre information found in the news, magazines and other resources that seemed relevant to this piece 3. Sara’s experience of suffering through her life. Created in collaboration with John O’keefe as text consultant. Musician: Norman Rutherford. Performers: Yannis Adoniou, Kathleen Hermesdorf, Maria F. Scaroni, David Szlasa. [MORE…]
Inspirare – 07 Written as from the future looking at now as the past. 2 women plunge, touch and negotiate their way across history under the ground. Created in collaboration with performers: Kathleen Hermesdorf, Maria F. Scaroni. Sound Design: Calvin LL. Jones. Video and Light Design: David Szlasa. Text: Sara Shelton Mann [MORE…]
Telios/Telios – 06 From a dream – the world outside is on fire. I’d better go inside, sit down and make a review of the situation. Inspired by Stephen Micas’s The Holy Mountain, Prayer of St. Francis:. Created in collaboration with: Performers: Yannis Adoniou, Kathleen Hermesdorf, Hana Erdman, Alex Zendrian. Sound Design: Calvin LL. Jones, Video and Light Design: David Szlasa [MORE…]
Redgoldsky/Inspirare/Telios/Telios came together as a trilogy in 2008 presented by ODC at Artaud Theater.
Monk 2001-2003 Monk at the Met, Feast of Souls, The Beloved This progressed into a 3 year journey of several incarnations of research. Interdisciplinary performance with film, 3 wall size videos, live video feed and live music. Composer: Norman Rutherford. Video: Mathew DeGumbia, Austin Forbord. Film: Fitz [MORE…]