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Moving Alchemy at Djerassi


Moving Alchemy at Djerassi

Interium Spaces: moving, writing, perceiving

Friday, February 17 – Wednesday, 22, 2017

Discover your obstinate genius and celebrate creativity with Sara in beautiful Woodside, California. Djerassi is a vast terrain big enough to hear your own laughter across the sea of clouds and behind the morning dawn, before the “green flash” drops into the silvery night. Time suspends its platform, every moment shifting realities.

Daily practice includes…

  • Chi Cultivation: detox and energize the body and consciousness
  • Perceiving extraordinary reality: explore how space moves the body, move through energetic fields, and engage the land in dialogue
  • Imagination journeys: writing from the moving body – as language, digging into the underbelly of our thoughts and practice

This workshop calls on artists, creators and movers of all kinds.

Early Bird deadline is December 14!

Registration Ends December 21.

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Lion’s Jaw: Performance and Dance Festival


October 6 – 10

Green Street Studios
Cambridge, MA


The first annual Lion’s Jaw is a five day performance and dance festival produced by New Movement Collaborative. The festival will include workshops, jams, discussions, and performances by an inspiring collection of artists, featuring several intensives taught by Sara Shelton Mann.

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Eye of Leo Series: The Gathering – August 26 & 27


Eye of Leo Series: The Gathering

Friday August 26th & Saturday August 27th, 8PM

Joe Goode Annex


Sara Shelton Mann presents the final installment of the Eye of Leo series. Combining the psyches of ten solo events in to the mind and body of Anya Cloud. Mud Loves Love.

This is a gathering of a chorus over time. Some of the parts are missing, some are under the floor boards, some are still waiting to be heard. It is all the aspects of the self that want attention simultaneously – just as the 12th kid comes into the room – just as the sun comes over the mountain.

It is unknown with whom Anya will engage and bring through and what will disappear.  The performance has already occurred, Anya is the architectural sculptor of that which cannot be seen.

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Entering the Spacial Gap – Tuesday Class

Entering the Spacial Gap

a 5 class series of mixing basics with continued research

Tuesdays, 10am to 12pm

May 17, 24, 31, June 7 & 14

Joe Goode Annex, 401 Alabama St., San Francisco, CA 94110


Drop Your City Armor 2016 – Dos Rio Retreat

Drop Your City Armor
with Sara Shelton Mann, Abby Crain, and Jesse Hewit

June 20 to 26, 2016.
Dos Rios, CA (3.5hrs north of SF)




Collective inquiry
Finding juice, voice, vocabulary to open into the field of possibility to ask a question and have it cook. How do we learn from each other? A simple question opens up to the intricate nature of the brilliance of each person –without criticism toward, from, to and with – there is a space for creation of transformative experience and action
Chi, movement exploration, journaling, healing, We write, we dance, we speak, we sit together, we hold the cradle of light for truth to lead us.


We want to have options; we want to dance a long time; we want to feel good in our bodies; so we will start with the body in mind and work simply and mindfully in the first part of class through new and old body based practices (some shaking, some  fascial release, ball work, some downward dogs and lunges, some body nerd practices, and some hands on partner work.  We also want to enrich our creative palette and expand our minds, so in the second part of class, we work with images and prompts from Open a Source Forms (the rebellious outgrowth of Skinner Releasing)  and other sources to coac the container open and move as eyeballs, aliens, tubes, wind, smoke, sponges, and god knows what else. We will dance and then we will write. It will be fun and the weather will be warm, so lets do it.


DIS/POSSESSED – “State work” is a concept in performance practices that can feel both familiar, and also surprisingly vague. It seems to refer to a physical practice of being systematically possessed (or dispossessed) by our interior, by external conditions, by impulse, by spirit, or…something else. In this work, we’ll move through physical experiments with state, practice state-inducing durational group movement, explore conjure art techniques, build “holy spaces” as a mode of inducing/developing state, and engage in painting and writing exercises that are fueled by states of spiritual co-authorship. As an intentional and systemic movement practice, working with states can seemingly unlock huge qualities and powers within our creative bodies; and as a socio-political conversation, it poses rich questions about contemporary crises of power and release, socially-prescribed bodies, and larger culturalisms of claiming, conquering, channeling, owning, and being owned. We’ll dig into the implications of doing this kind of work: what it means to treat the body as an experimentally creative instrument for spiritual work, and what we’re creating when we play between notions of control and of letting ourselves “go.”


Hosted on a spacious and wild property near the town of Dos Rios, the land offers the peace and solace of deep rural Northern California. It also provides a beautiful converted hay barn dance studio, a main house, ample camping and access to spring fed swimming holes in the Eel river. During the retreat, nutritious, omnivorous fare will be prepared daily for retreat participants.

Come dance in the barn, swim in the river and discover yourself again unexpected.

Fee (including tuition, meals, camping) $450,
$500 – after May 15th

$150 deposit by May 15th holds your spot and is non refundable. BALANCE IS DUE ON JUNE 1.

THERE IS NO WORK TRADE AVAILABLE FOR THIS EVENT. We keep the price as low as possible to make it affordable.

This retreat takes place off the beaten path, participants should be prepared for rugged land, wildlife, and know that weather can be variable with possible high temperatures. The wilderness is part of the majesty of Dos Rios!

ARRIVAL TIME: Between 2pm & 4pm on June 20th
CLASSES: June 21st – June 25th
PACK & DEPART: Morning of June 26th

For more information email