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European Intensives – Come Play with Sara in the field of possibilities

The physical body is the holder of extraordinary perception.  This is our platform and our base of information and actions.  Work within the deep heart of your natural voice of the body and explore through self-inquiry what you are passionate about now.  The workshops are varied and each focuses on a specific modality of expression – be it contact, energy fields, perceptual research, scenarios, puzzles, stretching the imagination muscles and moving into the imaginal realm of the subconscious or skills that can articulate your intentions. Writing, journaling and moving through summer as a vision.


Aug 4 to 8  – Freiburg Festival Pre-Workshop, Germany   – open to all levels of interest


Aug 18 to 22  –  International Contact Festival Freiburg, Germany  –  contact based


Aug 25 to 29  –  ITAK, Outokumpu, Finland  –  basic training across the board of all of it

Come explore with Sara.



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