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Exin: Moving Alchemy

 Exin: Moving Alchemy

July 6 – 22 2018

Arlequi, Spain

The Magic of Improvisation. Fifteen days swimming in the spring of creativity. Assisted by Anya Cloud.

Join Sara in an extraordinary opportunity to dance in Arlequi, Spain. 
Arlequi is housed in the Mas Llapart, a large former farmhouse built in the 17th century. It is located about 3 kilometers from Banyolas between fields, meadows and forests. Banyolas is just south of the French border and west of the Mediterranean Sea. An easy walk or bike from the house is a beautiful lake, where waters are clear and inviting to bathe. 

The Practice:

Body puzzles/ energetic training /space and geometry puzzles/contact and partnering/writing as character/implied direction and lei lines/ object relations/developing your imagination muscles/writing for scenario and choreographic questions/intuition practices.

The sessions will be composed of chi-cultivation, simple to complex improvisational as technical research and touch based practices. Journal and quick sketch writing will assist the imaginal world to open and collaborate with you.

You will be challenged to work on the edge of form, to learn how to recognize the “what if’s” that appear in different aspects of the material and to boldly pursue your own specific interests.

Deadline to Apply : January 31

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