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Jesse Hewit

Eye of Leo Series – PETER – March 1st and 2nd, 2013

Eye of Leo Series – PETER
A collaborative Solo with Jesse Hewit, Sound by Robbie Beahrs and Video and Lights by David Szlasa

March 1st and 2nd, 2013 – 8pm
Joe Goode Annex
499 Alabama Street #150

Tickets $15 and up at BrownPaperTickets

Sara Shelton Mann Eye of Leo Series presents Peter, a solo piece – Peter is a collaboration by SARA SHELTON MANN, DIRECTOR | JESSE HEWIT, PERFORMER, ROBBIE BEAHRS, COMPOSER. and DAVID SZLASA, VIDEO /LIGHT DESIGNER





If I walk up the mountain, will it encourage the view? 
If I take the train, will I miss it?

9 heroes journeys – some overlap, some written into the future, others dark and light hands clutching a silver thread woven into a tapestry of tears. Beyond state there is a consciousness that tills that soil. Each collaboration is a specific process of self- inquiry and conversation. ( I meet myself in all aspects of life here. ) I lay myself out on the ground of receiving. Delicious. This is a 2-3 year process unfolding with an overview of the whole to be brought together as a mandala of magic.

9 performing artists, 3 architects of environment and 1 question:
Is Integration possible through intention, vibration? and neutrality?
(plus a lot of grace.)

In PETER, simple elements construct a game inside the mind as an electrical magnetism produces heat inside Jesse’s [Hewit] body.

From solo to solo bodies change shape, weight, size and meaning.

PETER is facing the stars.

I invite you into the journey. Perhaps we’ll share a meal together, watch that yellow yoke drop into the ocean or flag a shooting star.