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Sherwood Chen

Eye of Leo Series – Future Life/23kg – October 25th and 26th, 2013

Eye of Leo Series:
Future Life/23kg

October 25th-26th/2013 – 8PM

What is the programer up to?

Sherwood engages with meeting aspects of his desires and how they become convergent travelogues of experience from several points of view. He opens a magic box, sees himself a younger boy filled with aspirations, and an older brother walking into himself and directly through the image into the future. It is a weaving of sorts that cannot be seen as performance except through one’s imagination.

It is the dancer’s attention we are tracking through this journey. This performance process is an engagement of layers pulled out of a suitcase, worn and turned inside out. It could be the way in which we wear our inner nature for all to see without realizing it.

What is it to pull apart the glue of emotions or string them up after a good washing only to ask the sunlight to do what it does for us all?

If Sherwood is 1 – I am Sherwood.