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June 21-25, 2018


Drop Your City Armor is now only 3 days!

Drop Your City Armor Retreat
with Sara Shelton Mann and Abby Crain
Thursday, June 21 to Monday, June 25 2018
Dos Rios, CA (3.5hrs north of SF)
Come dance in the barn, swim in the river and discover yourself again unexpected.
3 days of classes with Sara Shelton Mann and Abby Crain.
For continuing students and newcomers.
Opening the heart to nature/inner and outer – dancing
The pleasure of stretching your skill, intuition, understanding, knowing, perceiving through dancing solo and in community. We’ll do the usual practice continuing – chi-cultivation, puzzles, journaling and imaginal/compositional muscle building – listening and grounded through your feet on the earth.
Between classes – sky gaze, swim, eat, breathe
If you are new welcome, if you are seasoned we’ll continue
We work with the assumption that we have not one center but many. We work with the assumption that our humanness is comprised of primarily non human entities. We follow the intelligence of our skin, fingernails, the tips of our hair, and the patterns of our embryonic selves. We work with anatomic Phantoms and Premonitions. We work with the powerful structures of Open Source Forms ( the wild stepchild of Skinner Releasing) as a vehicle for our practice. We will dance til we sweat. We will lay on the floor for a long time. When class is over we will swim in the river.
Hosted on a spacious and wild property near the town of Dos Rios, the land offers the peace and solace of deep rural Northern California. It also provides a beautiful converted hay barn dance studio, a main house, ample camping and access to spring fed swimming holes in the Eel river. During the retreat, nutritious, omnivorous fare will be prepared daily by Leslie Castellano for retreat participants.
Come dance in the barn, swim in the river and discover yourself again unexpected.
Fee (including tuition, meals, camping) $300
$350 – after June 1
$150 deposit by May 15th holds your spot and is non refundable. BALANCE IS DUE ON JUNE 1.
THERE IS NO WORK TRADE AVAILABLE FOR THIS EVENT. We keep the price as low as possible to make it affordable.
This retreat takes place off the beaten path, participants should be prepared for rugged land, wildlife, and know that weather can be variable with possible high temperatures. The wilderness is part of the majesty of Dos Rios!
ARRIVAL TIME: Between 2pm & 4pm on Thursday, June 21st
CLASSES: Friday, June 22st – Sunday, June 24
PACK & DEPART: Morning of Monday, June 25
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July 6-22

EXIN: Moving Alchemy

The Magic of Improvisation. Fifteen days swimming in the spring of creativity.

Arlequi, Girona, SPAIN

More information and registration:

Registration is now closed for this workshop. 


Arlequi is housed in the Mas Llapart, a large former farmhouse built in the 17th century. It is located about 3 kilometers from Banyolas between fields, meadows and forests.

Body puzzles/energetic training/space and geometry puzzles/contact and partnering/writing as character/implied direction and lei lines/object relations/developing your imagination muscles/writing for scenario and choreographic questions/intuition practices.

Sara teaches from the edge of the unknown and brings 50 years of research and practice in dance, healing and metaphysical arts to her workshop. Her working methods cultivate a seemingly impossible space of magic and aliveness where technical capacity and personal artistry thrive.

The sessions will be composed of chi-cultivation, simple to complex improvisational as technical research and touch-based practices. Journal and quick sketch writing will assist the imaginal world to open and collaborate with you.

You will be challenged to work on the edge of form, to learn how to recognize the “what if’s” that appear in different aspects of the material and to boldly pursue your own specific interests.

Working with Sara brings the singular magic of each performer, artist, facilitator, individual into shining power and clarity. Sara has an eagle eye for detail and precision and a master’s finesse in approaching and nurturing the delicate spirit of the mover.

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Moving Alchemy

Monday-Friday, July 23-27

Impulstanz, Vienna, Austria


Moving Alchemy

Wednesday, August 1- Sunday, August 5

EDEN, Berlin, Germany


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Morning Classes


Stay Tuned for Fall Class Dates!

Joe Goode Annex, 401 Alabama Street, San Francisco, CA

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A series of weekend workshops dedicated to the research of Sara Shelton Mann.  


Moving Alchemy Maps are series of weekend workshops dedicated to the research of Sara Shelton Mann. In each weekend, Sara will present one aspect of her body of work for in-depth study. 



Sara Shelton Mann by Robbie Sweeny

Stay Tuned for Fall 2018 Weekend Workshop Dates!





Level I

The Body Process – From the ground up, bringing you deeply inside, we will explore segments of the physical structure and converse with the energetic structure. There will be a lot of breathing, hands on, time for questions and sharing.  We will also do grounding work, protection and releasing modalities.

This workshop is structured with Chi Cultivation as a beginning, moving into improvisational research, to partnering, integration and sharing.  It may include creative construction and a variety of other tools according to the desire of the students.

Chi Cultivation included – A series of movement/breath exercises that articulate the spine, work the muscles, touch all the meridians and will raise your physical energy and your consciousness building strength and vitality.

Level II

The Energetic body – in relationship. Playing in the field of space, time, weight and relationship.  The whole is more than the parts. Establishing personal and impersonal game plans we enter the terrain of choice, focus, ease and clarity.  Owning your choices.

Level III

Touch 1– the alchemy of transformation through touch.  We Touch before we make physical contact. Playing in the depth of field, holding vibrations and blending them to create balance and power.  Learning to take an improvisational state into a performative composition. Writing, personal growth work and energy alignment are key to integrative application of this work. Mastery of your intention and attention.  Energy release work – holding and blending states – anchoring into the breath  –  having fun in research mode.

Touch 2 – Deep Touch – the hands as a source of connection to the whole brain, spine and heart and the whole being at a multi-dimensional level – from the energy field into the skin, muscles, organs and bones of the physical body.  Hands on.  Blending energetic healing work and dance/movement.

Writing for Scenario 

Imagination and Perception from the perspective of the director for the audience/witness – the paradox of things seen, imagined, unseen and imagined.  This is a workshop/training for learning how you write and how you imagine from the impersonal to the vulnerable you and what you are up to on the planet.  What is truth for you, what is your field of expertise and how to land image and writing, write from the outside, the inside and name and process and make impossible choices.  (For your own research)


Questions and the Creative toolbox investigation. This includes play, curiosity, your field of expertise and collaboration with your own frequency.   Through feeling through the visual, auditory, kinesthetic fields and the unified field we work to identify  the ways in which you create and developing other muscles.

Breakfast with Sara

A window into Sara’s philosophy on how to train the body, mind and consciousness and how she applies this approach to movement practice in teaching. Class beings with clearing of the energetic field through dowsing. We then move on to investigations of neuro-linguistic process and self inquiry followed by discussion and movement application. Students will take away the fundamental tools of this work with the ability to apply them in their own practices. The class is designed to answer the questions of the students, as an interactive dialogue. Bring Sara your questions.
A new beginning level is opening up, there will also be an intermediate class offered. 10 people limit per class.

Level 1 – Beginner classes | Level 2 – Intermediate classes

For info and registration contact – You can also call Sara at 415-431-9167

For private (1 on 1 or small group) sessions in Energetic Clearing  (BARS, Clearing Issues through Dowsing and The Reconnection (TM) ) please refer to our energetic clearing page.

Private Sessions/Consultations

Sara is also available for private consultations on dance and choreography.  This work can be tailored for professional dancers, or any level of experience. It can be offered in individual, group, workshop, or choreographic project-based formats. Please contact me for rates and schedule.

To bring Sara to your city for workshops, or to present her work contact us here.