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Eye of Leo Series – C – May 10th and 11th, 2013

“With this work – i present all 3 as 1 and then we see the individuation of 1 into [all] aspects”  — Sara Shelton Mann

The EYE OF LEO – C – New solo Series by Sara Shelton Mann – As performed by Marintha (Mim) Tewksbury, Christine Bonansea and Rachael Lincoln –
Fri.–Sat., May 10th and 11th, 8pm – Joe Goode Annex – 401 Alabama Street (17th Street) San Francisco.

“C” For clown, child, concept, children, criteria, crowd of aspects wanting attention or hidden. C is for clarity.  A 2-day site specific performance at Joe Goode Annex – C is a collaborative triptych of solo performances created with performance artists Marintha (Mim) Tewksbury, Christine Bonansea and Rachael Lincoln, under direction by Sara Shelton Mann with sound by Norman Rutherford and light design by David Szlasa

3 women, different by nature and skill, create a hide and seek game of consciousness and while moving through their given and developed tendencies they create an architecture with the mind, the body, the space. A place where symbols and meaning flow outward and curve back into their bodies as an unspoken language or knowing.

This work functions with both a facade and a transparency as its target. Sometimes a mask cannot be removed. Sometimes a mask may be read as a series of locks and keys into the internal realm of a person.

C is a journey as a puzzle without beginning or end. It is framed in the present with all time condensed. It is a play upon the thoughts of the body/mind in interaction with the other, that part of the hidden personality – whether it be the sound of the feet running, a cough from a witness, a truck screeching to a halt or the wind rattling the windows. And so, we tread lightly into the soft tissue, the underbelly.

Tickets: $15 and up – Advance tickets highly recommended:

For updates and conversation please visit the facebook event page.

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