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Take a deep dive into your movement practice at one of Sara's upcoming intensives.


Moving Alchemy with Sara Shelton Mann* - intensive residential workshop in Burdąg (Poland)

Moving Alchemy is the unique research developed by Sara Shelton Mann. The practices are rigorous and somatically-based, improvisationally and technically challenging in which touch is a primary training tool.

Topics will include:
Introduction of the chi body/ the energetic body
Interim space as a portal
Meet your imagination as your tracking partner
Solo/Neutral/Follow (SNF)
Structures- bones, nerves, muscles, fluids
The nuts and bolts of mobility
Space and Geometry

Chi Cultivation included – A series of movement/breath exercises that articulate the spine, work the muscles, touch all the meridians and will raise your physical energy and your consciousness building strength and vitality.


July 14-20 2019. Arrival on the 14th in the afternoon, we start with a dinner and an open space session in the evening.
Workshop starts on the 15th in the morning and lasts until the 20th lunchtime.

Beautiful studio in Burdąg, north-east Poland, surrounded by lakes, forest and meadows.

How much?
Prices for the participants from Poland and other central or eastern European countries:
Double room - 430 euro
Triple room - 400 euro
Tent/studio - 360 euro (6 places only)

Prices for the participants from western European countries (or other economically privileged):
Double room - 480 euro
Triple room - 450 euro
Tent/studio - 400 euro (6 places only)

Prices include vegetarian meals (3 times per day) and accommodation

For whom?
Dancers, performers, movers. Solid experience required. Workshop will be taught in English so you need to feel comfortable with this language.

How to apply?
Send an email to ej.posluchaj@gmail.com where you describe your dance/movement/performative experience and few sentences about what motivates you to work with Sara. Deadline for sending applications is the 28th of February. You will be informed about whether you have been accepted until March 15th and in case you are, you will be asked to send a deposit of 200 euros until April 15th.
In your email point out what is your preferred accommodation (i cannot guarantee you will get what you ask for - first come, first served rule applies)

Questions and registration: Andrzej Woźniak - ej.posluchaj@gmail.com


View from the dance studio at Djerassi Resident Artists Program. Photo by Hannah Wasielewski

View from the dance studio at Djerassi Resident Artists Program. Photo by Hannah Wasielewski

Djerassi Artist Retreat Center by Herbert Stolz

Djerassi Artist Retreat Center by Herbert Stolz

Djerassi Resident Artists Program. Photo by Hannah Wasielewski.

Djerassi Resident Artists Program. Photo by Hannah Wasielewski.


Discover your obstinate genius and celebrate creativity with Sara at Djerassi in beautiful Woodside, California.

In this workshop, you will have the opportunity to delve deeply into the beginning movement practices of Sara Shelton Mann. This will also include practices in journaling, energetic awareness and intuitive development, working with your personal archetypes as focal point. At the culmination of the retreat you will have acquired a dynamic toolkit for exploring new pathways into yourself and your artistic process.



Thursday, February 14, 2019 - Wednesday, February 20, 2019


Wednesday, December 19 2018


Wednesday, January 9 2019

Research/Practice Includes

Daily Chi Cultivation: detox and energize the body and consciousness.

Perceiving extraordinary reality: explore how space moves the body. Journey through energetic fields, engage the land in dialogue, and create from internal and external stimuli as a partnership

Imagination journeys: writing from the moving body – as language – digging into the underbelly of our thoughts and practice.

There will be some dowsing and clearing opportunities with Sara in groups and individually.

Djerassi is a vast terrain big enough to hear your own laughter across the sea of clouds and behind the morning dawn and before the “green flash” as she drops into the silvery night.  Time suspends its platform, every moment shifting realities.

This workshop calls on artists, creators and movers of all kinds.

No experience necessary – desire, yes!

Fees and Costs

Application fee: $10

Individual Workshop fee: $700/$950 private room, shared bath/private room and bath

Special couples rate: $450 each (shared room/bed)
Includes 5 nights lodging, all food, and local transportation from and to the San Francisco Airport.

Deposit of $400 due Wednesday, January 24, 2018 (Deposits hold your place and are non-refundable)

Final payment: due Friday, February 1, 2018

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EXIN: Moving Alchemy

July 6-22 in Arlequi, Girona, SPAIN

(Application deadline has passed; stay tuned for next year.)

The Magic of Improvisation. Fifteen days swimming in the spring of creativity.

Arlequi is housed in the Mas Llapart, a large former farmhouse built in the 17th century. It is located about 3 kilometers from Banyolas between fields, meadows and forests.

Body puzzles/energetic training/space and geometry puzzles/contact and partnering/writing as character/implied direction and lei lines/object relations/developing your imagination muscles/writing for scenario and choreographic questions/intuition practices.

Sara teaches from the edge of the unknown and brings 50 years of research and practice in dance, healing and metaphysical arts to her workshop. Her working methods cultivate a seemingly impossible space of magic and aliveness where technical capacity and personal artistry thrive.

The sessions will be composed of chi-cultivation, simple to complex improvisational as technical research and touch-based practices. Journal and quick sketch writing will assist the imaginal world to open and collaborate with you.

You will be challenged to work on the edge of form, to learn how to recognize the “what if’s” that appear in different aspects of the material and to boldly pursue your own specific interests.

Working with Sara brings the singular magic of each performer, artist, facilitator, individual into shining power and clarity. Sara has an eagle eye for detail and precision and a master’s finesse in approaching and nurturing the delicate spirit of the mover.

Teaching Class at FRESH Festival 2016 Photo By Yvonne Portra.jpg

Moving Alchemy

July 23-27, 2018, Vienna, Austria
Presented by Impulstanz

Structure: scramble technique warm-up, chi cultivation and research of the day.
We will cover the basics of:
- Solo Neutral Follow – are you in your body? An improvisational puzzle so you will never be bored again and you will know who’s body you are in.
- Space and Geometry – lei lines and space as driver and partner.
- Spacial Gap – everything in-between that is a connector of before touch, touch, and after
- Pulse Points - periphery to core and back – navel and head – weights and the play of gravity and levity in motion and last if not least if we get there – implied direction.

This class is also a research ground for touch and the training it offers.
Each class is standalone and there is also a rhythm that develops from beginning through the week that stacks information together as a practice that is detailed and specific. We could call this is technical training through the lens of improvisation.
It rides on the edge of improvisation and form. It’s the most beautiful magical place to be, collaborating with and listening into the "unknown" as the primary practice of research.

Sara Shelton Mann - Teaching at FRESH Festival-PhotobyYvonne Portra.jpg


August 1-5, EDEN, Berlin, Germany

We will begin with methods that cultivate chi, engage with information received through visual, kinesthetic, and auditory fields. Your intentions give immediate feedback to you and your partner, even before making physical contact. We will explore this in several ways or applications: you receive what you give, you follow what you intend, and you embrace what comes to you. Layers of texture and touch are readable and complex. We will explore pulse points wrapping the periphery into the core; the navel as an informational being; implied direction starting from the skin and moving into the layers of touch; surfaces of the body that implement quality; and space as a partner, both non-local and inwardly directed. We will begin with the feet, hands, and eyes reaching out into the world as gates into how we negotiate the terrain of our awareness.