San Francisco Trainings

ECHO Photo by Robbie Sweeny

ECHO Photo by Robbie Sweeny

Fall 2019 Tuesday/Thursday Class Series

Tuesdays and Thursdays 10AM-12PM at Joe Goode Annex
401 Alabama Street, San Francisco 94110

$100 for 6-class series
NOTAFLOF Available- email

Series 1: September 15-October 3
Series 2: October 22- November 7
Series 3: December 3-19

Series 1:
Solos and groups
This is a dance class, a proposition for creating through improvisation and research through self-inquiry
Using SNF (solo/neutral/follow) as a basic score for group energy we will track rhythms, paths and cross roads. This will be a study of personal signature.
Chi - cultivation, dancing, journaling and touch as a training technique will be present - come dance