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Sara Shelton Mann

I believe that our energetic bodies convey deeper-rooted messages than any culture or identity can express. My work begins with structured exercises designed to make contact with these messages as they are expressed through the energetic body.

As we refine our kinesthetic perception, we begin to perceive messages—the Morse code of our collective body—in the patterning of energy, tissue, and motility. These messages form stories, and these stories form the “performance”.

Like many artists who have spent a lifetime in the heart of their craft, I have come to believe that the exploration of these stories form a vital collective heritage that transcends the artifact of performance.

My art is of a piece with my healing work and political engagement: it is meant to reveal and transmit the story of our collective humanity—our potential for excellence, our danger—in a time of global change, chaos, and paradigm shift. It is an antidote to fear, doubt, and greed as the face of who we are.

Biography: Sara Shelton Mann – director/healer. Her company Contraband appeared on stages, in warehouses, abandoned buildings and outdoors from 1979-1996. She collaborated and toured internationally with Guillermo Gomez-Pena 96-99. She has received 4 Isadora Duncan Awards. She was a John Simon Guggenheim Fellow in Choreography in 2000. Her ODC Theater 06 presentation of Te’lios/Teli’os was awarded 1 of top 10 dance performances in SF, Ca. She created “Inspirare” in 2007 and was commissioned to direct “Alarma” a performance project by Galeria de la Raza inspired by the immigration marches. The “Inspirare Trilogy was presented by ODC Theater in spring 2008.

She taught intensives in Berlin, Budapest, Stolzenhagen, Freiburg and the Freiburg Contact Festival in summer 2007. Tribes/zeropoint was presented at Potsdammer Festival of Theater and Dance in 2008. Sara’s work has been supported by artistic fellowships at Djerassi Artist in Residence Programs, ODC sponserships and funding through Irvine Foundation, NDP, NEA, SFAC, SFF, Zellerbach and other organizations. She is a recipent of Gerbode Choreographers in Collaboration Award. Her next work “Tribes” created with collaborator David Szlasa will premier at YBCA, San Francisco in 2010.

Sara has many years of study in various spiritual traditions, shamanic practices, and healing trainings. She is a Master NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) Practitioner, certified Reconnection Healer(TM), TheReconnection(TM). and a continual student of dowsing. Major influences in her path have been Qi Gong, Hameed Ali, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, George Conley, Leslie Temple Thurston and Pranic Healing.